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Put FUN into your Fundraising!

Yuk Yuk's has been assisting charities and non-profit organizations for over 25 years with gratifying success. Our fundraising program is easy to administer and is virtually risk free.

Yuk Yuk's provides qualifying charities and non-profit organizations with a number of benefit show tickets to a pre-selected show at a substantial discount. These tickets are then sold by your organization to your supporters at a price no lower than $13. Your organization keeps the proceeds over and above the discounted ticket price. Prices include HST.

The benefit show tickets include the name of your charity/organization, the show date and time, ticket price, location, etc. There is a $60 printing fee for these customized tickets. Minimum ticket order is 30; maximum 150.

Benefit Shows at Yuk Yuk’s Vancouver are available on Thursdays. The date of the event must be pre-approved by Yuk Yuk's. Benefit Shows cannot be held on Special Show dates. A minimum lead time of four weeks is required to ensure optimum tickets sales.  Your charity/organization is responsible for benefit ticket sales and promoting the show. 

Raffles or auctions are permitted only after the show and with prior notice.
Be advised that shows are not censored and are restricted to 19 years and older.

Any advertising, marketing or promotional material using the name or logo "Yuk Yuk's" must be approved by Yuk Yuk's prior to its use. 

E-mail to arrange your Benefit Night!