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December 2021
Fri - Sat
3 - 4
Fri Dec 3 - Sat Dec 4

Andrew Barr

Andrew Barr is an old man trapped in a tiny young man's body. A unique combination of grumpy and silly, he has delighted audiences nation-wide.
Never one to shy away from a topic, Barrman has a knack for breaking down divisive issues in a way that makes a whole room laugh.

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8:00 PM Fri Dec 3
10:30 PM Fri Dec 3
8:00 PM Sat Dec 4
10:30 PM Sat Dec 4
Fri - Sat
10 - 11
Fri Dec 10 - Sat Dec 11

Ron Josol

Ron Josol, is a Canadian-Filipino comedian who is well received from every corner of the world.  Ron stirs up and samples the multi-cultural melting pot that mirrors life in most urban centers today.  He presents hilarious scenarios and comments on our global society inherent contradictions by combining a one-liner and a story telling style. He regularly performs in Canada, UK, Scandinavia, Caribbean, Asia, Middle east, Australia and USA.  He has performed around the world for almost 20 years which makes him one of the most sought after n vibrant comics toady. View Full Bio
8:00 PM Fri Dec 10
10:30 PM Fri Dec 10
8:00 PM Sat Dec 11
10:30 PM Sat Dec 11
Fri - Sat
17 - 18
Fri Dec 17 - Sat Dec 18

Scott Faulconbridge

Scott Faulconbridge has delighted International audiences with his masterful timing, quirky story telling and quick improvisational wit to established himself as one of Canada's headlining acts. His unique stories and songs are inspired by family mishaps that have made him a crowd favourite for three decades. His work has earned him three Canadian Comedy Award nominations for his work as an Improviser and a stand up comedian.   View Full Bio
With (MC) Adrian Cronk
8:00 PM Fri Dec 17
10:30 PM Fri Dec 17
8:00 PM Sat Dec 18
10:30 PM Sat Dec 18
Fri Dec 31

Mike Wilmot

Special Show
Mike Wilmot is a fast talking Canadian stand-up comedian whose close-to-the-bone repetoire leaves the audience in a state of hilarity that most comedians can only dream of.   View Full Bio
With (MC) Mike Bullard & (Middle)
8:00 PM Fri Dec 31