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November 2021
Fri - Sat
5 - 6
Fri Nov 5 - Sat Nov 6

Mike Rita

Comedian Mike Rita is exactly what you think a comic should be... funny, smart & relate-able.  He was the winner of the Second City's 'Cream of Comedy' and the runner up for Now Magazine's 2014 & 2015 'Best Male Stand-up'.

Mike has worked with the likes of Joe Rogan, Bobby Lee, Mike MacDonald, Ari Shaffir & The Portuguese Kids.  Constantly on tour with Yuk Yuk's Comedy Clubs but always finding time two host his award winning 'Stoner Sundays' at the world renowned Vapor Central in downtown Toronto. Mike is a comedian who is always working hard to have his voice heard and is always looking to make new audiences laugh.  View Full Bio
With (MC) Jeff Elliott
8:00 PM Fri Nov 5
10:30 PM Fri Nov 5
8:00 PM Sat Nov 6
10:30 PM Sat Nov 6
Fri - Sat
12 - 13
Fri Nov 12 - Sat Nov 13

Bryan O'Gorman

Bryan O'Gorman is a professional weirdo who has headlined comedy shows in dozens of countries including England, Australia, Germany, Singapore, Switzerland, Croatia, Serbia, Czech Republic and the USA to name nine. This year he plans on playing in every country on earth, plus the moon (if the spaceship he's building works).This past January, Bryan's second album opened at number one on iTunes comedy charts and remained there for several hours. A live performer since childhood, this joke of a man honed his stand up skills in the legendary Toronto comedy scene and has refined them on stages throughout the galaxy. Catch him now before he dies in a feeble attempt to make it to the moon in a homemade rocket. Of his many credits, a few include being featured on MTV, Much Music, The Comedy Network, Sirius-XM Radio, The Edinburgh Fringe Festival,The Melbourne Comedy Festival, Just for Laughs, National Lampoon Radio, the Montreaux comedy festival and the CBC. View Full Bio
With (MC) Kyle Lucey
8:00 PM Fri Nov 12
10:30 PM Fri Nov 12
8:00 PM Sat Nov 13
10:30 PM Sat Nov 13
Fri - Sat
19 - 20
Fri Nov 19 - Sat Nov 20

Manolis Zontanos

His unique brand of humour allows audiences into the mind of a simple, yet at the same time very complex man that leaves people feeling as though they made a new best friend. He is not one to miss! View Full Bio
With (MC) Joshua Elijah
8:00 PM Fri Nov 19
10:30 PM Fri Nov 19
8:00 PM Sat Nov 20
10:30 PM Sat Nov 20
Mon Nov 22

Right Saucy London

Special Show
Newfoundland born comedian, Lisa Baker, is bringing her latest show, Right Saucy, right to Ontario! You may have heard her on her numerous CBC The Debaters or LOL appearances, or seen any of her viral Tiktok videos. She's rocking the east coast charm and accent all over the country, leaving audiences in stitches with her hilarious take on life, love, and navigating both while living in Alberta. Her shows are in demand and selling out fast all over the country. This is not to be missed!  View Full Bio
8:00 PM Mon Nov 22
Fri - Sat
26 - 27
Fri Nov 26 - Sat Nov 27

Habib Siam

Born on Christmas day, a stone’s throw from Bethlehem, Habib thought he was the second coming and almost entered priesthood. Several countries and questionable life decisions later, he completed his Ph.D. in Education only to start doing stand-up comedy.

Habib has performed internationally, from Beirut to Paris and across Canada, and has done so in multiple languages – English, French, and Arabic. He is a crowd favorite at Kenny Robinson's Nubian Show and has written and produced two comedy specials for the Toronto Fringe Festival.

An admitted basketball junkie, Habib is likely the only Memphis Grizzlies fan not from Tennessee – or Vancouver. He currently splits his time between Canada and Lebanon, and may (definitely) own more shoes than anyone you know.  View Full Bio
With (MC) Michael Moses
8:00 PM Fri Nov 26
8:00 PM Sat Nov 27
10:30 PM Sat Nov 27