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January 2022
Fri - Sat
7 - 8
Fri Jan 7 - Sat Jan 8

Ken Hicks

Ken Hicks has become a favorite of audiences by helping us find the humor in everyday life. From having a dog for a best friend, marrying his high school sweetheart, being a father of teen daughters.
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With (MC) Mike Lynch & (Middle) Charles Haycock
7:30 PM Fri Jan 7
7:30 PM Sat Jan 8
Fri - Sat
14 - 15
Fri Jan 14 - Sat Jan 15

William Hannigan

Will Hannigan has been touring all over Canada since he started performing stand-up comedy at 18. He has a commanding, conversational presence on stage. He talks about family, working, practicing alcoholism and recovering from all that practice. He has had appearances at the Just For Laughs NorthWest Festival and Grindstone Comedy Festival. You can find him on Twitter and Instagram @willyhannigan.   View Full Bio
7:30 PM Fri Jan 14
7:30 PM Sat Jan 15
Fri - Sat
21 - 22
Fri Jan 21 - Sat Jan 22

Sean Lecomber

Based in Alberta, Sean is a CBC's The Debaters favourite. He filmed his first Just For Laughs gala in 2013 and his comedy was featured on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno.  Winner of the Just For Laughs homegrown competition, Sean’s other festival appearances include 3 appearances at the Halifax Comedy Festival as well as the Winnipeg Comedy Festival in 2013 and 2016.  He has written for This Hour Has 22 Minutes and is a two time Canadian Comedy Award nominee.  His work can also be heard on SiriusXM Radio.   View Full Bio
7:30 PM Fri Jan 21
7:30 PM Sat Jan 22
Fri - Sat
28 - 29
Fri Jan 28 - Sat Jan 29

Kathleen McGee

Kathleen is the girl your parents warned you about. She will make you laugh and blush all at the same time. She's often labeled as dirty but she prefers honest. The darkest thoughts you've had Kathleen says them out loud.   View Full Bio
7:30 PM Fri Jan 28
7:30 PM Sat Jan 29
Show + Dining: $55.00 tax included