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Sun Jul 26

Hodgetwins .

Special Show
The Hodgetwins are taking the show on the road! For years, you have watched them on their various YouTube channels and laughed until your stomachs were in knots. Just imagine that same reaction...doubled! If you thought they were funny online, just wait until you see them in the flesh. And don’t worry, everything that you have come to love about them - their edgy, unfiltered comedy is exactly what they are bringing to this show. So if you are ready for a night of unforgettable laughs, be sure to cop your ticket today!  View Full Bio
8:00 PM Sun Jul 26
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10:00 PM Sun Jul 26
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Tue Sep 15

Mick Foley

Special Show
Mick Foley is a legendary professional wrestler, turned multi-time best-selling author , turned stand-up comic/spoken word performer. View Full Bio
7:00 PM Tue Sep 15
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8:30 PM Tue Sep 15
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Sat Sep 26

Rock Out For Jack Fundraising Endeavour

Special Show
Jack was born with several severe disabilities and life-limiting conditions. He requires around-the-clock nursing care. His mom hasn't been able to work since Jack was born, as she is Jack's primary nurse. And his dad is battling guarded, high-risk cancer. The family is without private insurance; the costs of little Jack’s life sustaining medical supplies alone (tracheostomy & enteral feeding) are astronomical. Jack is a young Stittsville boy who was born with CHARGE Syndrome; a rare and life-limiting disorder that arises during early fetal development & affects multiple organ systems. Jack is Tracheostomy dependent, has a feeding tube insertion and is deaf-with vision impairment. He has had 20 surgeries to date (#21 coming soon). Jack has had numerous admissions to CHEO totaling over 2 years, and he also requires 24-hour nursing care. Jack was subsequently diagnosed with severe autism and continues to battle epilepsy…at one point over 100 visible seizures daily. To our friends, we are graciously hoping for your support for this upcoming benefit fundraiser for Jack, and we are gratefully accepting gifts in-kind to benefit Jack’s silent auction. Facebook: www.facebook.com/rockoutforjack 
Website: www.rockout4jack.org 
GoFundMe: www.gofundme.com/jackbrown 
Contact: greg@rockout4jack.org View Full Bio
7:00 PM Sat Sep 26
$20.00 13% tax Buy Now
9:45 PM Sat Sep 26
$20.00 13% tax Buy Now