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Amateur Night is on Wednesdays @ 8 pm

Every Wednesday and Wednesdays only, email requesting a spot for the following Wednesday. We will only book 6 days in advance, you cannot ask for a future date.

On Friday, the selected comics will receive a confirmation email. Those not selected will not receive a reply. On Friday, the line-up will be posted on our Vancouver Yuk Yuk's Pro-Am Facebook group page:

At the beginning of the week the line-up will also be posted on the Vancouver Yuk Yuk's Facebook page. If you're chosen to perform you must sign in by 7:30 at the club on the night of your performance or you lose your spot. Comics who aren't chosen are encouraged to come out to the club on Wednesday as there will be 2 open spots available each week. All spots are 5 minutes. Thank you for your support and we look forward to seeing you on stage!"