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September 2023
Fri - Sat
1 - 2
Fri Sep 1 - Sat Sep 2

Sharon Mahoney

 Sharon is an incredibly engaging performer who strives to make a connection with her audience while metaphorically grabbing them by the short and curlies. The UK Times described her as a, "Cross between Hunter .S. Thompson and Bette Midler", and she has shared the stage with some of the most established names in the comedy industry. View Full Bio
With (MC) Alex Miller & (SplitMiddle) Greta Lin & (SplitMiddle)
8:00 PM Fri Sep 1
8:00 PM Sat Sep 2
Thu Sep 7

Nurses Night Out

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Greg “G” Williams is working diligently to be a breath of fresh air by taking a different path into the world of comedy. His comedic style arises from his day to day life as a male nurse.

After discovering life in a hospital can be hilariously entertaining, “G” developed his act in the comedy clubs of Atlanta. An impressive article was written on “G” in The Atlanta Journal Constitution about his transition from nursing to comedy.
The article caught the eye of several nursing organizations which contracted “G” as ice breaker comic to relieve stress and add an element of humor to nursing conferences.

Greg started “Nurse’s Night Out” in 2013 at The San Jose Improv as a show dedicated to our hero's working in the medical field. The tour has expanded across the U.S. as far as Times Square N.Y.C. Greg has shared the stage with such greats like Bruce-Bruce, Rodney Perry, Brad Williams, Vir Das, Sammy Obied and Taylor Tomlinson. View Full Bio
8:00 PM Thu Sep 7
Fri - Sat
8 - 9
Fri Sep 8 - Sat Sep 9

Sophia Johnson

Sophia Johnson is an actor and comedian from NZ. You might have seen her on netflix’s ‘Ash vs the Evil Dead’, or CW’s ‘legends of tomorrow’ and ‘Nancy Drew’ She has performed at three NZ international comedy festivals, including her sell out show ’50 minutes plus laughs’. She also worked for several years as a writer on hit NZ comedy TV show ‘7 days’. You can hear her on  the Just for Laughs originals ‘best of the west’ comedy album. View Full Bio
8:00 PM Fri Sep 8
8:00 PM Sat Sep 9
Fri - Sat
15 - 16
Fri Sep 15 - Sat Sep 16

Lori Ferguson-Ford

Lori has been a professional stand-up comic for over 20 years. She began her love for comedy in 1988. A bit of a fairytale beginning…while working as a waitress, one of her regulars offered to sponsor her dream of stand- up comedy as a career. Soon after Lori was voted B.C.’s Funniest New Comic and four years later B.C.’s Funniest Woman. Lori has toured all over Canada and the United States, she has graced the stages of Yuk Yuk’s, The Improv, The Laugh Factory and the Comedy Store…just to mention a few. Lori has also made television appearances on CTV, CBC, WTN and The Comedy Network, as well as CBC Radio’s Madly Off In All Directions. View Full Bio
With (MC) Ben Bauce & (SplitMiddle) Jirair Garabedian & (SplitMiddle) Niki Mohrdar
8:00 PM Fri Sep 15
7:00 PM Sat Sep 16
9:30 PM Sat Sep 16
Fri - Sat
22 - 23
Fri Sep 22 - Sat Sep 23

Lizzie Allan

Lizzie Allan is a Vancouver-based British comedian, therapist, TEDx talker, writer, person in long-term recovery, and creator of the award-winning company Hilarapy. View Full Bio
With (MC) Nancy Ho & (Middle) Colin Sharp
8:00 PM Fri Sep 22
7:00 PM Sat Sep 23
9:30 PM Sat Sep 23
Fri - Sat
29 - 30
Fri Sep 29 - Sat Sep 30

Stuart Jones

Stuart Jones is an adult nerd who comes from a nice, loving family. He is everything that you would expect someone named Stuart to be. His comedy focuses on examining the mundane and mocking the everyday absurdities of modern life. Stuart is often praised for his joke writing ability which earned him the title of Vancouver’s first Roast Battle Champion. His debut album ‘By the Slice’ was produced by 604 Records and is available on all streaming platforms. View Full Bio
With (MC) Melanie Rose & (Middle) Ray Morrison
8:00 PM Fri Sep 29
7:00 PM Sat Sep 30
9:30 PM Sat Sep 30