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January 2023
Fri - Sat
6 - 7
Fri Jan 6 - Sat Jan 7

Jacob Samuel

Jacob Samuel is a stand-up comic, cartoonist, and writer known for his clever and insightful comedy. Jacob has taped multiple national TV performances for the CBC, The Comedy Network, and Crave and has wowed audiences at both the Just For Laughs and Winnipeg Comedy Festivals. On radio, he can be heard on SiriusXM and on CBC's The Debaters. Jacob has also had several cartoons published in The New Yorker even though he did terribly in middle school art class. Jacob won the 2021 JUNO Award for Best Comedy Album: "Horse Power". View Full Bio
With (MC) Michaela Chung & (Middle) Lizzie Allan
8:00 PM Fri Jan 6
8:00 PM Sat Jan 7
Fri - Sat
13 - 14
Fri Jan 13 - Sat Jan 14

Steev Letts

Steev Letts is a big sweaty gay oaf. He finds inspiration in the many gross rituals that unite us all, and aims to make you laugh at that which makes you cringe. Steev’s style is loud, self-deprecating and oddly sincere.  Steev won the 2018 Vancouver Yuk Off Comedy Competition and Breakout Artist of the Year at the 2019 Vancouver Comedy Awards. He has performed on Just For Laughs Northwest and the Grindstone Comedy Festival. Steev's debut live album "Burger Queen '' is available on itunes and spotify. View Full Bio
With (MC) (Middle) Johnny Pogo
8:00 PM Fri Jan 13
8:00 PM Sat Jan 14
Fri - Sat
20 - 21
Fri Jan 20 - Sat Jan 21

John Perrotta

A longtime club favourite, Johnny Perrotta is a charismatic storyteller whose adventures from childhood past to childhood present keeps audiences howling from coast to coast. An actor as well, Johnny has appeared in Supergirl, the X-files and the Victoria Gotti Story as mobster Angelo ‘Quack Quack’ Ruggerio. View Full Bio
With (Feature) Patrick Maliha & (MC) Colin Sharp & (Middle) Katrina Bennett
8:00 PM Fri Jan 20
8:00 PM Sat Jan 21
Fri - Sat
27 - 28
Fri Jan 27 - Sat Jan 28

Yumi Nagashima

Yumi Nagashima is a Tokyo-born actress, writer, and international comedian with an unforgettable allure. If you haven’t seen her viral videos on social media or YouTube, you might recognize her from her many TV appearances on Montreal’s Just For Laughs, Winnipeg Comedy Festival, CBC Gem – New Wave of Stand up, Comedy Central Asia or the Jakarta International Comedy Festival. She released her debut stand-up comedy album, My name is Yumi, in 2019 and her fandom has only grown since. View Full Bio
With (MC) Sophia Johnson & (Middle)
8:00 PM Fri Jan 27
8:00 PM Sat Jan 28