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September 2022
Sat Sep 3

Justin Nichol

Justin Nichol is a high paced, in your face comedian who doesn’t hold any punches. An every day, blue collar comic, he will win you over with his take on life as a new father, and his frustration with how the world seems to work. He’s toured all over the country with highlights including Just for Laughs Northwest. He’s the creator of Justin Nichol’s Comedy Brawl, and he’s hosted for The legends John Cleese, Tim Dillon, Jeremy Hotz and Miss Pat. View Full Bio
With (MC) Robert Peng & (Middle)
8:00 PM Sat Sep 3
Fri - Sat
9 - 10
Fri Sep 9 - Sat Sep 10

John Beuhler

**WARNING** Content warning – There, you’ve been warned!

John's arsenal of sickly smart comedy is enough to leave any crowd begging for more. He is fast becoming one of North America's favorite and controversial comedians. View Full Bio
With (CoFeature) Duane Goad
8:00 PM Fri Sep 9
7:00 PM Sat Sep 10
9:30 PM Sat Sep 10
Fri - Sat
16 - 17
Fri Sep 16 - Sat Sep 17

Byron Bertram

Like a bird flu on international flight, Byron Bertram travels well. His innate talent for voices and accents mixed with a confident vulnerability has taken him across the world and established him internationally as one of the top Canadian comics working today.

He has worked on stage with the likes of Zach Galifinakis, Flight of the Concords, and Eddie Izzard; was a hit with the judges on Brits Got Talent, has been seen on ABC’s Once Upon a Time, Dirks Gently, Riverdale, and heard regularly on SirusXM. View Full Bio
With (MC) Dusty Searcy & (Middle) Ryan Lachance
8:00 PM Fri Sep 16
7:00 PM Sat Sep 17
9:30 PM Sat Sep 17
Fri - Sat
23 - 24
Fri Sep 23 - Sat Sep 24

Brett Martin

With an effortlessly charming and commanding stage presence, and subject matter that oscillates from insightful to absurd at any time, he’s making a name for himself everywhere he goes, and is, quite simply, a comedian you should see. View Full Bio
With (MC) Larke Miller & (Middle) Alisha Dhillon
8:00 PM Fri Sep 23
7:00 PM Sat Sep 24
9:30 PM Sat Sep 24
Fri Sep 30

Sam Tonning

Sam has silly thoughts and says silly things. These things have been known to make people laugh and feel better than him. He’s unabashedly blue.  View Full Bio
With (MC) Melanie Rose
8:00 PM Fri Sep 30