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February 2024
Thu Feb 1

Beauty And The Beast

Special Show
After selling out various stops on two seperate legs of their comedy tour, a very adult standup tour featuring Darren Frost and Lisa Baker is hitting various cities across Ontario .  A double headlining tour starring comedians with a combined 40 years experience and known across the country for their opinionated brand of standup comedy.  LISA BAKER was born and raised in St. John’s, Newfoundland, Lisa developed a sharp wit and sense of humor that Newfoundlanders are known for. After starting a professional stand-up career on the island, she moved to Alberta while maintaining her Newfie Princess status. Lisa has worked with many heaver hitters in comedy, including Rob Schneider, Tom Green, and Paul Reiser. Lisa has been featured on CBC's LOL program and has had multiple appearances on The Debaters. She has also performed at several comedy festivals across Canada, including Just For Laughs Northwest and has self-produced 2 national tours. Lisa is currently burning up TikTok and has recorded 2 albums, "To Completion" and "Super Newfie", which are featured on SiriusXM. She has also just filmed her first TV series, The Canoe Project, and will back in season 2 as an actor and a writer for the series. DARREN FROST's style of comedy has been described as having "the quality of a satanic revival meeting" and "among the most daring comedians in Canada" by The Toronto Star.   Darren recently worked on the “Murdoch Mysteries” 2018 Halloween special, “Pay The Ghost” with Nicolas Cage  ” and in Season 2 of the hit show “Mr.D” on CBC, playing an angry French teacher.  
Darren has acted in Hollywood films like “Hairspray” with John Travolta, Michelle Pfeiffer, and Christopher Walken; “Assault On Precinct 13” with Ethan Hawke; “Fever Pitch” featuring Jimmy Fallon, and “Don't Say A Word” with Michael Douglas.  Frost is best-known for his appearances in over 50 commercials including  "The Cash For Life Fairy" and "Listerine's Action Hero Bottle" and multiple of voices for cartoons.  

Darren has performed stand up at the Halifax Comedy Festival, Winnipeg Comedy Festival,  St John's Comedy Festival Gala,  The Ron James Show and CBC Debaters, as well as performing in over 22 shows at  Just For Laughs including the Nasty Show and the televised gala.  
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8:00 PM Thu Feb 1
Fri - Sat
2 - 3
Fri Feb 2 - Sat Feb 3

Rob Mailloux

Performing at clubs and festivals around the globe for the past 15 years, Rob Mailloux has gained a reputation for doing things his way. Host of The Casting Couch and found of the Dark Comedy Festival, he is one of the most renown edgelords in the world. View Full Bio
7:00 PM Fri Feb 2
9:30 PM Fri Feb 2
7:00 PM Sat Feb 3
Show + Dining: $0.00 tax included
9:30 PM Sat Feb 3
Fri - Sat
9 - 10
Fri Feb 9 - Sat Feb 10

Fiona O'Brien

After emigrating from Dublin, Ireland to Toronto, Canada in 2012, Fiona began a quest to stamp out the racism that the Irish face … one lucky charm at a time. Fiona quickly established herself by winning over audiences at festivals like Funny Women UK, the Halifax, Boston, and Winnipeg Comedy Festivals. O'Brien is featured on CBC's Laugh Out Loud, Because News, Just For Laughs,  and She’s So Funny on Sirius XM, and Yuk Yuks.  Her comedy album ‘Magically Malicious’ is now on iTunes and Spotify. After providing the world with three future taxpayers, Fiona decided to dedicate her life to making people laugh with her no restraint, provocative, and unique humour. View Full Bio
7:00 PM Fri Feb 9
9:30 PM Fri Feb 9
7:00 PM Sat Feb 10
9:30 PM Sat Feb 10
Fri - Sat
16 - 17
Fri Feb 16 - Sat Feb 17

Freddy Proia

Freddy's high-energy performance, combined with an array of celebrity impressions, has made him an audience favourite. He continues to delight fans by drawing his humour from life experiences and his Italian heritage. View Full Bio
7:00 PM Fri Feb 16
9:30 PM Fri Feb 16
7:00 PM Sat Feb 17
9:30 PM Sat Feb 17
Fri - Sat
23 - 24
Fri Feb 23 - Sat Feb 24

Jon Steinberg

Jon Steinberg has been flooring audiences across North America for over a decade with his unique and twisted view of the world. He has appeared at major festivals including the Halifax and Winnipeg Comedy Festival and the prestigious Just For Laughs Festival. View Full Bio
7:00 PM Fri Feb 23
9:30 PM Fri Feb 23
7:00 PM Sat Feb 24
9:30 PM Sat Feb 24
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