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April 2024
Thu Apr 4

Open Mic Mayhem

Join us for total MAYHEM, as a mix of professional and amateur comedians take the stage to prove who is the best.. If you hear the gong, the comedian went too long over their time, and we cut the mic! Will they raise the roof? Or crash and burn? The choice is yours! View Full Bio
8:00 PM Thu Apr 4
Fri - Sat
5 - 6
Fri Apr 5 - Sat Apr 6

Paul Haywood

Paul has been a fixture on the national scene since winning the Toronto New Comic Search in 1998.  Over his 20 years he has done it all from packed theaters of 1000 people to 25 people in a man-cave garage. He was even hired to dress up as a door man and heckle lawyers as they arrived at their corporate party - everyone has a different sense of team. Paul has his own one hour Comedy Now special and was a hit at CBC's Halifax Comedy Festival.   Paul has starred in over 40 commercials worldwide, showcasing his comedic timing and antics.  Most recently recognized during Blue Jays broadcasts as the goofy Dad who can't catch in Honda's trade-in your car event ads. Paul won a Bessie award for best male performance in a U.S. national Budweiser ad that aired during the Superbowl.  Paul’s film & television appearances include; “The Squeeze” at the international short film festival, “The Santa Suit” opposite Kevin Sorbo, on the Hallmark and WTN networks in Canada and the U.S., the sitcom “Dan for Mayor”, he even scored a small role in the recent Robocop reboot, sharing a scene with Gary Oldman.  You can continue to see Paul’s own Comedy Now special on CTV, The Comedy Network and online, and can be heard on XM Satellite radio. View Full Bio
With (MC) Dylan Mandlsohn & (Middle) Keith Pedro
8:45 PM Fri Apr 5
8:00 PM Sat Apr 6
10:30 PM Sat Apr 6
Sun Apr 7

Cosmic Comedy Special

Featuring Nick Beaton and Mike Bullard View Full Bio
With (Featuring) Nick Beaton & (MC) Mike Bullard
9:00 PM Sun Apr 7
Sun Apr 7

Limitless .

He’s hailed as one of the top mentalists globally, captivating audiences with his unparalleled mastery of the mind for over two decades. Renowned as one of the most brilliant thinkers and performers in the world, he has showcased his remarkable skills on various TV networks, including Yes TV, the Syfy Network, the Space Network, Tru TV, the CW. Prepare to be amazed as we welcome to the stage the incredible Ryan Edwards! View Full Bio
7:00 PM Sun Apr 7
Fri - Sat
12 - 13
Fri Apr 12 - Sat Apr 13

Chris Quigley

He happily tears up the mythologies of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness with superb ease and accuracy. He is an energetic comedic force and a "kamikaze" humorist. View Full Bio
With (MC) Keesha Brownie & (Middle) Jeff Faulkner
8:45 PM Fri Apr 12
8:00 PM Sat Apr 13
10:30 PM Sat Apr 13
Fri - Sat
19 - 20
Fri Apr 19 - Sat Apr 20

Clayton Fletcher

Clayton Fletcher is thrilled to be returning to Yuk Yuk's! Fresh off of a leg of shows with Jim Jefferies, Clayton is an international headliner based in New York City with a new special, Middle Child Syndrome, and book, The ROI of LOL, out now. Clayton has been featured on Amazon Prime, Hulu, AXS TV, and more! View Full Bio
With (MC) Michael Moses & (Middle) Eric Andrews
8:45 PM Fri Apr 19
8:00 PM Sat Apr 20
10:30 PM Sat Apr 20
Fri - Sat
26 - 27
Fri Apr 26 - Sat Apr 27

Chuck Byrn

Working professionally as a comedian since 1994 and as a national touring headliner since 1996, Chuck Byrn has the experience and knowledge to ensure your show or event is a success. Having performed in almost every conceivable circumstance, Chuck adjusts his performance to suit the situation.  View Full Bio
With (MC) Armin Arbabi & (Middle) Cameron Phoenix
8:45 PM Fri Apr 26
8:00 PM Sat Apr 27
10:30 PM Sat Apr 27
Fri Apr 26