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May 2022
Fri - Sat
6 - 7
Fri May 6 - Sat May 7

Marito Lopez

Marito Lopez, originally from El Salvador, moved to Canada at the tender age of four and has learned to love the English language, white people and snow. He grew up in the mean streets of Calgary, Alberta, and is probably the cutest gangster you'll ever see on stage. View Full Bio
With (MC) Cal Post & (Middle) Jon Steinberg
8:45 PM Fri May 6
8:00 PM Sat May 7
10:30 PM Sat May 7
Fri - Sat
13 - 14
Fri May 13 - Sat May 14

Kyle Lucey

Kyle Lucey is one of the youngest headlining comedians in Canada. Growing up in a trailer park, Kyle became an expert at making light of bleak circumstances. Pair that with an extensive background in improv/ theatre and you get a comedian with raw, honest material performed in the most ridiculously fun way!  View Full Bio
With (MC) (Middle) Ben Bankas
8:45 PM Fri May 13
8:00 PM Sat May 14
10:30 PM Sat May 14
Fri - Sat
20 - 21
Fri May 20 - Sat May 21

Kathleen McGee

Kathleen is the girl your parents warned you about. She will make you laugh and blush all at the same time. She's often labeled as dirty but she prefers honest. The darkest thoughts you've had Kathleen says them out loud.   View Full Bio
With (MC) Casey Corbin & (Middle) Adrienne Fish
8:45 PM Fri May 20
8:00 PM Sat May 21
10:30 PM Sat May 21
Fri - Sat
27 - 28
Fri May 27 - Sat May 28