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March 2022
Fri - Sat
4 - 5
Fri Mar 4 - Sat Mar 5

Nick Beaton

From a blue-collar background, Nick Beaton cuts through the bullshit of an overly bureaucratic society that takes itself way too seriously. Whether it’s done through his opinionated rants, hard-hitting jokes, or his disarming "every man" personality Nick Beaton is a favourite wherever he performs.   View Full Bio
With (MC) Dylan Gott & (Middle) Jon Steinberg
8:45 PM Fri Mar 4
8:00 PM Sat Mar 5
10:30 PM Sat Mar 5
Fri - Sat
11 - 12
Fri Mar 11 - Sat Mar 12

Keith Pedro

Keith is known for his off the top improvisational and crowd work skills and is currently a headliner with Yuk Yuk's and has been performing all across the world, from festivals to tours, displaying his in-your-face persona and his fast talking, smart-ass swagger.  View Full Bio
With (MC) Chris Robinson & (Middle) Kyle Lucey
8:45 PM Fri Mar 11
8:00 PM Sat Mar 12
10:30 PM Sat Mar 12
Fri - Sat
18 - 19
Fri Mar 18 - Sat Mar 19

Ben Bankas

Ben Bankas is a comedian from Toronto, Canada. He’s been featured in BlogTo, TorontoLife, Toronto Guardian, Rebel News, CBC and various other sources of potentially true news. Ben has been performing stand up comedy since 2011 and has been with Yuk Yuk’s since 2019. View Full Bio
With (MC) Bryan Hatt & (Middle) Patrick Haye
8:45 PM Fri Mar 18
8:00 PM Sat Mar 19
10:30 PM Sat Mar 19
Fri - Sat
25 - 26
Fri Mar 25 - Sat Mar 26

Dom Pare

Described as "one of the best new stand-ups around" by NOW Magazine, Dom Paré blends magnetic onstage charisma, hilarious observation, and clever writing to deliver memorable side splitting comedy.   View Full Bio
With (MC) Laura Leibow & (Middle) Manolis Zontanos
8:45 PM Fri Mar 25
8:00 PM Sat Mar 26
10:30 PM Sat Mar 26