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January 2023
Fri - Sat
6 - 7
Fri Jan 6 - Sat Jan 7

Mike Dambra

Known as the smart ass king of comedy, Mike comes armed with the ability to adapt to, and interact with,any audience. Mike's interactive style has earned him rave reviews in every venue and festival he's played in and is known for having audience members come back more than once in a week because the show is always different.
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With (MC) Dan Allaire & (Opener)
7:00 PM Fri Jan 6
7:00 PM Sat Jan 7
Fri - Sat
13 - 14
Fri Jan 13 - Sat Jan 14

Mike Wilmot

Mike Wilmot is a fast talking Canadian stand-up comedian whose close-to-the-bone repetoire leaves the audience in a state of hilarity that most comedians can only dream of.   View Full Bio
With (MC) (Middle) Greg Schroder
7:00 PM Fri Jan 13
7:00 PM Sat Jan 14
Fri - Sat
20 - 21
Fri Jan 20 - Sat Jan 21

Lisa Baker

With (MC) (Middle) Trevor Thompson
7:00 PM Fri Jan 20
7:00 PM Sat Jan 21
Fri - Sat
27 - 28
Fri Jan 27 - Sat Jan 28

Jim McNally

Jim's comical outlook blends big city wit with small town cheek. His story-telling roots shine through in his performances, which weave stories from own personal life that highlight the absurdities of the world we live in.....but really you gotta see this guy! View Full Bio
With (Host) Chris Borris & (Opener)
7:00 PM Fri Jan 27
7:00 PM Sat Jan 28