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April 2022
Sat Apr 2

Habib Siam

Born on Christmas day, a stone’s throw from Bethlehem, Habib thought he was the second coming and almost entered priesthood. Several countries and questionable life decisions later, he completed his Ph.D. in Education only to start doing stand-up comedy.

Habib has performed internationally, from Beirut to Paris and across Canada, and has done so in multiple languages – English, French, and Arabic. He is a crowd favorite at Kenny Robinson's Nubian Show and has written and produced two comedy specials for the Toronto Fringe Festival.

An admitted basketball junkie, Habib is likely the only Memphis Grizzlies fan not from Tennessee – or Vancouver. He currently splits his time between Canada and Lebanon, and may (definitely) own more shoes than anyone you know.  View Full Bio
With (MC) Ian Sirota & (Middle) Gilson Lubin
7:30 PM Sat Apr 2
Show + Dining: $0.00 tax included
Fri - Sat
8 - 9
Fri Apr 8 - Sat Apr 9

Kyle Hickey

After starting stand-up comedy over a decade ago at an open mic in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Kyle Hickey has blossomed into a talented writer, actor and comedian, making appearances at the Boston Comedy Festival, CBC's Ha!ifax Comedy Festival and JFL42 in Toronto, as well as acting roles on both YTV and MTV.  View Full Bio
With (MC) Rob Ross & (Middle) Laura Leibow
7:30 PM Fri Apr 8
7:30 PM Sat Apr 9
Fri - Sat
15 - 16
Fri Apr 15 - Sat Apr 16

Keith Pedro

Keith is known for his off the top improvisational and crowd work skills and is currently a headliner with Yuk Yuk's and has been performing all across the world, from festivals to tours, displaying his in-your-face persona and his fast talking, smart-ass swagger.  View Full Bio
With (MC) Chris Robinson & (Middle) Kyle Lucey
7:30 PM Fri Apr 15
7:30 PM Sat Apr 16
Fri - Sat
22 - 23
Fri Apr 22 - Sat Apr 23

Marito Lopez

Marito Lopez, originally from El Salvador, moved to Canada at the tender age of four and has learned to love the English language, white people and snow. He grew up in the mean streets of Calgary, Alberta, and is probably the cutest gangster you'll ever see on stage. View Full Bio
7:30 PM Fri Apr 22
7:30 PM Sat Apr 23
Fri - Sat
29 - 30
Fri Apr 29 - Sat Apr 30

Freddy Proia

Freddy's high-energy performance, combined with an array of celebrity impressions, has made him an audience favourite. He continues to delight fans by drawing his humour from life experiences and his Italian heritage. View Full Bio
7:30 PM Fri Apr 29
7:30 PM Sat Apr 30