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November 2021
Fri - Sat
5 - 6
Fri Nov 5 - Sat Nov 6

Kevin Stobo

Since high school he has continued to entertain and impress across
the country with his friendly, relatable style of comedy. View Full Bio
With (MC) Tyler Hawkins & (Middle) Ken Hicks
7:30 PM Fri Nov 5
7:30 PM Sat Nov 6
Fri - Sat
12 - 13
Fri Nov 12 - Sat Nov 13

Sunee Dhaliwal

Sunee is a national touring headliner who has graced stages around the world. His personality and unique sense of humour have made him a club and crowd favourite wherever he travels. Think of the funny guy in high school who both the jocks and the nerds liked. Sunee is one of the fastest rising stars on the Canadian comedy scene.   View Full Bio
With (MC) Mike Lynch & (Middle) Ryan Ash
7:30 PM Fri Nov 12
7:30 PM Sat Nov 13
Fri - Sat
19 - 20
Fri Nov 19 - Sat Nov 20

Ben Proulx

Ben Proulx has made his mark as a crowd favourite across Canada. Providing a unique perspective as a Jewish amputee who grew up in the prairies, Ben had little choice but to end up as a comedian. He manages to combine an honest and raw delivery, with a unique storytelling ability that creates immediate connections with audiences of all types. His resume notably includes standout performances at the Edmonton Comedy Festival, the Calgary Comedy Festival, the Okanagan Comedy Festival, and at the World Series of Comedy in Las Vegas. You can also find Ben in TV shows including Fargo and Hell on Wheels, as well as in the Oscar award-winning movie, The Revenant. Ben's engaging delivery and relatability combine to leave audiences doubled over in laughter. View Full Bio
With (MC) Dale Ward & (Middle) Celeste Lampa
7:30 PM Fri Nov 19
7:30 PM Sat Nov 20
Fri - Sat
26 - 27
Fri Nov 26 - Sat Nov 27

David Dempsey

Born in Dublin, raised in Australia, and living in Edmonton, comedian David Dempsey has no trouble fitting in. Finding friends and fans wherever he roams, David is charming onstage and a homebody off of it. David moved to Edmonton in 2009 and immersed himself in the local stand-up comedy scene. Back in Perth, he had dabbled in comedy for two years, becoming a Western Australian state finalist for the Melbourne International Comedy Festival's RAW Comedy competition in 2006. The art of stand-up stuck with him and when he arrived in Edmonton, he decided to pursue it as a career. You can now catch him touring Western Canada and beyond both headlining and opening for much more famous comedians than him e.g.: Dion Cole, Rhys Darby, Jon Dore, Jerrod Carmichael, Tom Green etc etc. View Full Bio
With (MC) Nadine Hunt & (Middle) Peter Cender
7:30 PM Fri Nov 26
7:30 PM Sat Nov 27