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September 2021
Fri - Sat
3 - 4
Fri Sep 3 - Sat Sep 4

Mike Dambra

Known as the smart ass king of comedy, Mike comes armed with the ability to adapt to, and interact with,any audience. Mike's interactive style has earned him rave reviews in every venue and festival he's played in and is known for having audience members come back more than once in a week because the show is always different.
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With (MC) (Middle) Peter Cender
7:30 PM Fri Sep 3
7:30 PM Sat Sep 4
Fri - Sat
10 - 11
Fri Sep 10 - Sat Sep 11

Lisa Baker

Lisa’s humor can definitely lean towards blue; however, she can navigate through events that call for clean material as easily as she can work an audience at an uncensored show.  View Full Bio
With (MC) Sean Lecomber & (Middle) Simon Glassman
7:30 PM Fri Sep 10
7:30 PM Sat Sep 11
Fri - Sat
17 - 18
Fri Sep 17 - Sat Sep 18

Brent Ayton

Brent’s material varies from clean and relatable to unoffensive observations on edgier topics and is well suited for a wide range of audiences.  View Full Bio
With (MC) Mark McCue & (Middle) Kamal Alaeddine
7:30 PM Fri Sep 17
7:30 PM Sat Sep 18
Fri - Sat
24 - 25
Fri Sep 24 - Sat Sep 25

Lori Ferguson-Ford

Lori has been a professional stand-up comic for over 20 years. She began her love for comedy in 1988. A bit of a fairytale beginning…while working as a waitress, one of her regulars offered to sponsor her dream of stand- up comedy as a career. Soon after Lori was voted B.C.’s Funniest New Comic and four years later B.C.’s Funniest Woman. Lori has toured all over Canada and the United States, she has graced the stages of Yuk Yuk’s, The Improv, The Laugh Factory and the Comedy Store…just to mention a few. Lori has also made television appearances on CTV, CBC, WTN and The Comedy Network, as well as CBC Radio’s Madly Off In All Directions. View Full Bio
With (MC) Amber Harper-Young & (Middle)
7:30 PM Fri Sep 24
7:30 PM Sat Sep 25