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July 2020
Fri - Sat
3 - 4
Fri Jul 3 - Sat Jul 4

Lisa Baker

Born and raised in St. John’s, Newfoundland, Lisa developed a sharp wit and sense of humor that Newfoundlanders are known for. After starting a professional stand-up career on the island, she moved to Alberta, as Newfies tend to do, and worked her way through various industrial jobs, eventually settling on a trade. Lisa’s diverse background (single parent, tradesperson, university educated, proud Newfoundlander) has inspired her material and resulted in an eclectic collection of jokes that resonate with audiences all throughout Canada.

Lisa’s humor can definitely lean towards blue; however, she can navigate through events that call for clean material as easily as she can work an audience at an uncensored show. She has opened for Rob Schneider, Tom Green, and Paul Reiser; has been featured on CBC's LOL program, and will be featured at the YYComedy Festival in Calgary in the fall of 2017 on the Prairie All Stars Show.  Lisa is currently travelling all over Western Canada, leaving audiences in stitches with her take on living and working in Alberta, parenting, and relationships, all while rocking that Newfoundland charm that Canadians know and love. View Full Bio
With (MC) Danny Martinello & (Middle)
7:30 PM Fri Jul 3
7:30 PM Sat Jul 4
Fri - Sat
10 - 11
Fri Jul 10 - Sat Jul 11

Ben Proulx

Ben Proulx has made his mark as a crowd favourite across Canada. Providing a unique perspective as a Jewish amputee who grew up in the prairies, Ben had little choice but to end up as a comedian. He manages to combine an honest and raw delivery, with a unique storytelling ability that creates immediate connections with audiences of all types. His resume notably includes standout performances at the Edmonton Comedy Festival, the Calgary Comedy Festival, the Okanagan Comedy Festival, and at the World Series of Comedy in Las Vegas. You can also find Ben in TV shows including Fargo and Hell on Wheels, as well as in the Oscar award-winning movie, The Revenant. Ben's engaging delivery and relatability combine to leave audiences doubled over in laughter. View Full Bio
With (MC) (Middle) Celeste Lampa
7:30 PM Fri Jul 10
7:30 PM Sat Jul 11
Fri - Sat
17 - 18
Fri Jul 17 - Sat Jul 18

Mike Lynch

Mike Lynch is one of the new faces of Canadian comedy. The star of Outhouse TV, his wide range of sketch characters, such as Cecil O’Brien, Randy Lee and Nan, have become household names across Canada. His numerous viral videos have garnered more than 10 million views online.  As a stand-up, St. John's native Lynch has a loyal following and a rapidly growing fanbase. In February 2018, his show "Getting To Know Me 3" had 3 sold out shows at Holy Heart Theatre (2700 tickets) in St. John's. He is a prolific creator and a relentless performer. This hilarious young talent is not to be missed. View Full Bio
With (MC) Brittany Campbell & (Middle)
7:30 PM Fri Jul 17
7:30 PM Sat Jul 18
Fri - Sat
24 - 25
Fri Jul 24 - Sat Jul 25

Mark McCue

Mark has toured the country bringing his strange stories coast to coast. He recently won the Grindstone Comedy Contest and has worked with many of Canada's best comics. More importantly, he knows all the words to the Grinch Song.  View Full Bio
With (MC) Alex Fortin & (Middle)
7:30 PM Fri Jul 24
7:30 PM Sat Jul 25
Fri Jul 31

Ken Hicks

Ken Hicks has become a favorite of audiences by helping us find the humor in everyday life. From having a dog for a best friend, marrying his high school sweetheart, being a father of teen daughters.
  View Full Bio
With (MC) William Hannigan & (Middle)
7:30 PM Fri Jul 31