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July 2023
Tue Jul 4

Ben Bankas Live

Special Show
Ben Bankas LIVE in Calgary The Earth is on Fire Tour Ben is one of the most popular comedians in Canada right now with over 45k followers and growing on Instagram from making videos making fun of politics, current events and pop culture. Ben is the host of his own podcast "The Bankas Show" on YouTube, and has been performing stand up for 13 years.  He has been featured in CBC, Blog To and NOW magazine for his performances. Tickets will sell out get yours soon!  Check out Ben Bankas' comedy special "Please, Wear a Mask". All material Ben will be performing will be be new and cannot be found online. View Full Bio
8:00 PM Tue Jul 4
Fri - Sat
7 - 8
Fri Jul 7 - Sat Jul 8

Pete Zedlacher The War Comic

Special Show
Award-winning Canadian standup comedian Pete Zedlacher (Just For Laughs, DryBar Comedy, The Snowed in Comedy Tour) takes us to the front lines and 'beyond the wire' in his hilarious, poignant, and most of all, wildly entertaining one-man show. The War Comic, set to officially debut at this year's Edmonton Fringe Festival, details Pete's adventures and misadventures while overseas entertaining the Canadian forces in war zones, in places like Kandahar, Kabul, Kuwait, Israel, Egypt and Canada's North Pole. View Full Bio
8:00 PM Fri Jul 7
8:00 PM Sat Jul 8
Sun Jul 9

Comedy Barn Burner

Special Show
Jason Rouse, Uncle Lazor, and Uncle Hack, three of the most notorious outlaw comedians in the business, are teaming up for a one-of-a-kind night of comedy at the Yuk Yuk comedy club in Calgary. Known for their unapologetic, no-holds-barred approach to humor, these three comedians are sure to leave audiences in stitches with their razor-sharp wit and uncensored commentary on everything from politics to pop culture. This barn burner of a show promises to be unforgettable, with each comedian bringing their own unique style to the stage. Don't miss out on this rare opportunity to catch these three comedic renegades together in one unforgettable night of comedy
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7:30 PM Sun Jul 9
Fri - Sat
14 - 15
Fri Jul 14 - Sat Jul 15

Steve Taddy

Steve is a Vancouver-based comedian. His carefully crafted jokes take an eccentric worldview, examining a variety of topics from family life and animals, to a deep disdain of pseudoscience. Steve's comedy challenges the audience to question why the world is how it is, and how he may have managed to have a successful marriage. He has toured all over Western Canada and was featured in Calgary's inaugural Craft Island Comedy Festival. In 2023 Steve released his debut album, Insufferable, now streaming wherever you happen to stream things from. View Full Bio
With (CoFeature) Johnny Pogo & (MC) Todd Ness
8:00 PM Fri Jul 14
8:00 PM Sat Jul 15
Fri - Sat
21 - 22
Fri Jul 21 - Sat Jul 22

Dale Ward

Dale Ward is a touring comedian and professional artist, he has opened for Bill Burr and Tom Segura and he is featured on a Just For Laughs live standup comedy album! He also has over 270,000 TikTok followers, with more than 60 million views on his viral videos! Dale’s ridiculous and strange one-liners, odd observations, and high-energy style will make you think and laugh! View Full Bio
With (MC) Sunee Dhaliwal & (Middle) Adam Ruby
8:00 PM Fri Jul 21
8:00 PM Sat Jul 22
Fri - Sat
28 - 29
Fri Jul 28 - Sat Jul 29

Dave Nystrom

Dave Nystrom is an acclaimed comedian who has performed stand up all over the world. This includes a tour of the United Kingdom, ​HBO​ prestigious ​US Comedy Arts Festival​ in Aspen, Colorado, filmed a stand up special for ​Comedy Central​ in New York and his own one hour TV special for the ​Canadian Comedy Network​. View Full Bio
8:00 PM Fri Jul 28
8:00 PM Sat Jul 29