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May 2022
Thu May 5


Check out our Amateur Night.  The shows can be good, bad or so bad they're great! View Full Bio
7:30 PM Thu May 5
Fri - Sat
6 - 7
Fri May 6 - Sat May 7

Byron Bertram

Like a bird flu on international flight, Byron Bertram travels well. His innate talent for voices and accents mixed with a confident vulnerability has taken him across the world and established him internationally as one of the top Canadian comics working today.

He has worked on stage with the likes of Zach Galifinakis, Flight of the Concords, and Eddie Izzard; was a hit with the judges on Brits Got Talent, has been seen on ABC’s Once Upon a Time, Dirks Gently, Riverdale, and heard regularly on SirusXM. View Full Bio
7:30 PM Fri May 6
7:30 PM Sat May 7
10:00 PM Sat May 7
Fri May 6

Roast Battle - Calgary

Special Show
On May 6th, Brett Forte leads The Danger Cats into the pantheon of pain: The Roast Battle Arena.  

6 of the sharpest word-warriors from Alberta have been chosen to stand in the fire while you, the audience, dance around it. 

It's a barbaric celebration of life where each wave of laughter will shower one comedian in glory and the other in humiliation. 

Leave your conscience at the door and enjoy the rarest of forbidden pleasures: Human. Sacrifice.

Roast Battle Champion, Elisa Synder defends the belt for the first time against the new #1 Contender, Uncle Hack (of Danger Cats fame).  

The jokes that got Brett Forte banned from CBC are the ones he tells here. This will be vol. 39 of a show that provides one of the most unique and raw experiences you can find in a comedy club today.

10:00PM Showtime on May 6th View Full Bio
10:00 PM Fri May 6
Thu May 12


Check out our Amateur Night.  The shows can be good, bad or so bad they're great! View Full Bio
7:30 PM Thu May 12
Fri - Sat
13 - 14
Fri May 13 - Sat May 14

Matt Wright

Matt Wright is an award winning stand-up comedian, writer, actor, and director who had headlined clubs and theatres from St. John's to Vancouver. Matt has had televised appearences at the Just For Laughs Comedy Festival, Winnipeg Comedy Festival, and Halifax Comedy Festival.   View Full Bio
With (MC) David Dempsey & (Middle) Austin Lonneberg
7:30 PM Fri May 13
7:30 PM Sat May 14
10:00 PM Sat May 14
Thu May 19


Check out our Amateur Night.  The shows can be good, bad or so bad they're great! View Full Bio
7:30 PM Thu May 19
Fri - Sat
20 - 21
Fri May 20 - Sat May 21

Allyson June Smith

After her initial forays into standup garnered her some success, Allyson hit the comedy club circuit, which in turn propelled her to headlining gigs at festivals. She shone in multiple high-profile slots at the Winnipeg, Halifax and Montreal’s Just For Laughs festival. And that was just the start. In the years that followed she received multiple nominations for Best Female Stand-up at the Canadian Comedy Awards, taped her own Comedy Nowspecial and did stints on MuchMusic’s Video on Trial and CBC’s The Debaters. Now settled in the city of Manchester, UK, it’s time for Europe to reap the rewards of Allyson June Smith’s ever-inventive comedic ascent. A self-confessed “over-sharer”, any Allyson June Smith show inevitably serves up a potent observational cocktail of wit, bite and shame. Which means you’ll typically find her after the show, with a line of eager fans queued up to talk with her, to confess to her or to share some comically grisly detail from their own lives. Courageously self-deprecating, Allyson’s comedic gift is making every room, whatever the size, feel like an intimate group therapy session. That intimacy, that uncommon bond between audience and performer is at the heart of Allyson’s magic as a comedian. Like the most relatable actresses working today or your very best friend, she finds a way to connect with everyone in a room, be they from southeast Asia, the U.K. or North America. View Full Bio
With (MC) Matt Foster & (Middle) Faris Hytiaa
7:30 PM Fri May 20
7:30 PM Sat May 21
10:00 PM Sat May 21
Thu May 26


Check out our Amateur Night.  The shows can be good, bad or so bad they're great! View Full Bio
7:30 PM Thu May 26
Fri - Sat
27 - 28
Fri May 27 - Sat May 28

Brittany Lyseng

Brittany Lyseng is a nationally touring Stand-Up Comedian, Writer and Podcaster. Her comedy career began after 12 years as a tradesman with the desire to lift less and laugh more, and in turn has become one of the Canadian industry’s fastest rising stars. She has been seen on CTV’s Roast Battles Canada, CBC’s New Wave of Stand-Up Comedy, Kevin Hart’s LOL Network, and CTV’s The Stand-Up Show with Jon Dore, as well as making appearances on CBC Radio’s The Debaters. Released in 2019, her first album Going Up debuted at #1 on iTunes and was followed with appearances at three Just For Laughs festivals (Montreal, JFL 42 in Toronto, and Vancouver’s JFL Northwest). Most recently she was featured in Reader’s Digest magazine, and was graced with a 2022 Canadian Screen Awards nomination. View Full Bio
With (MC) Lori Ferguson-Ford & (Middle) Steve Taddy
7:30 PM Fri May 27
7:30 PM Sat May 28
10:00 PM Sat May 28