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October 2021
Fri - Sat
1 - 2
Fri Oct 1 - Sat Oct 2

Brittany Lyseng

Brittany Lyseng is a nationally touring Stand-Up Comedian, Writer and Podcaster. Her comedy career began after 12 years as a tradesman with the desire to lift less and laugh more, and in turn has become one of the Canadian industry’s fastest rising stars. She has been seen on CTV’s Roast Battles Canada, CBC’s New Wave of Stand-Up Comedy, Kevin Hart’s LOL Network, and CTV’s The Stand-Up Show with Jon Dore, as well as making appearances on CBC Radio’s The Debaters. Released in 2019, her first album Going Up debuted at #1 on iTunes and was followed with appearances at three Just For Laughs festivals (Montreal, JFL 42 in Toronto, and Vancouver’s JFL Northwest). Most recently she was featured in Reader’s Digest magazine, and was graced with a 2022 Canadian Screen Awards nomination. View Full Bio
With (MC) Kevin Stobo & (Middle) Bobby Warrener
7:30 PM Fri Oct 1
7:30 PM Sat Oct 2
10:00 PM Sat Oct 2
Thu Oct 7


Check out our Amateur Night.  The shows can be good, bad or so bad they're great! View Full Bio
7:30 PM Thu Oct 7
Fri - Sat
8 - 9
Fri Oct 8 - Sat Oct 9

Sterling Scott

Often described as a high-energy performer and a crowd favourite Sterling Scott has become one of comedy’s rising stars.

Sterling’s material stems from his experiences with relationships, family, being a father, current events, his out look on life and the world, and those awkward moments that people from all walks of life can relate to. View Full Bio
With (MC) Brett Forte & (Middle) Amber Harper-Young
7:30 PM Fri Oct 8
7:30 PM Sat Oct 9
10:00 PM Sat Oct 9
Thu Oct 14

Best Kind Comedy Tour

Special Show
Bestkind Comedy Tour is back with a brand new show! Don't miss 3 of Newfoundland's funniest comedians; Mike Lynch, Colin Hollett, and Brian Aylward. 1 night only! View Full Bio
7:30 PM Thu Oct 14
10:00 PM Thu Oct 14
Fri - Sat
15 - 16
Fri Oct 15 - Sat Oct 16

Danny Martinello

Danny Martinello is no stranger to the stage and has been entertaining audiences all throughout North America. Originally from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, He has performed at the Okanagan Comedy Festival and Melbourne Comedy Festival while appeared in programs on NBC, CTV, CBC and can be heard regularly on SiriusXM Satellite Radio.  Often described as a high-energy performer with machine gun like delivery, Danny's outrageous in your face lampoon sense of humour has made himself one of Canada's top talents.  View Full Bio
With (MC) Moe Ismail & (Middle) Lori Ferguson-Ford
7:30 PM Fri Oct 15
7:30 PM Sat Oct 16
10:00 PM Sat Oct 16
Fri Oct 15

Danger Cats Roast Battle

Special Show
On October 15th, north and south collide in the original pantheon of pain: The Roast Battle Arena. 

4 of the sharpest word-warriors from each metropolis have been chosen to stand in the fire while you, the audience, dance around it. 

It's a barbaric celebration of life where each wave of laughter will shower one comedian in glory and the other in humiliation. 

The Redline Rattler, Uncle Hack will lead team Edmonton and the Calgary contingent will be headed by the Bionic Weasel himself, Brett Forte.

Leave your conscience at the door and enjoy the rarest of forbidden pleasures: 

Human. Sacrifice.
  View Full Bio
10:00 PM Fri Oct 15
Thu Oct 21


Check out our Amateur Night.  The shows can be good, bad or so bad they're great! View Full Bio
7:30 PM Thu Oct 21
Fri - Sat
22 - 23
Fri Oct 22 - Sat Oct 23

Kevin Stobo

Since high school he has continued to entertain and impress across
the country with his friendly, relatable style of comedy. View Full Bio
With (MC) Lori Ferguson-Ford & (MC) Todd Ness & (Middle) Tommy Mellor
7:30 PM Fri Oct 22
7:30 PM Sat Oct 23
10:00 PM Sat Oct 23
Thu Oct 28


Check out our Amateur Night.  The shows can be good, bad or so bad they're great! View Full Bio
7:30 PM Thu Oct 28
Fri - Sat
29 - 30
Fri Oct 29 - Sat Oct 30

Howie Miller

Howie Miller is one of the funniest corporate and club comedians in North America.  He is a First Nation Descendant of the Cree Nation and was born and raised in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.  His quick wit and unique point of view on multi ethnic stereotypes is enjoyed by all audiences, regardless of age, race, or sex; and has garnered numerous television appearances and placed him in great demand on the corporate comedy circuit. 

Howie’s hilarious routine, mixed with stellar impressions has the audience laughing from start to finish.  His stand-up routine also includes entertaining stories about his son’s overnight success playing a member of the wolf pack in the blockbuster Twilight Movies: New Moon, Eclipse and Breaking Dawn (part 1).   View Full Bio
With (MC) Johnny Pogo & (Middle) Dale Ward
7:30 PM Fri Oct 29
7:30 PM Sat Oct 30
10:00 PM Sat Oct 30