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August 2021
Fri - Sat
6 - 7
Fri Aug 6 - Sat Aug 7
Fri - Sat
13 - 14
Fri Aug 13 - Sat Aug 14

Matt Richardson

Matt Richardson has been performing comedy for over 20 years across the country and currently based in Canada's East Coast.  An experienced performer of many styles of comedy from Improv, Sketch and stand-up Matt brings a unique wit and energy to the stage every night. Matt's small town upbringing in Miramichi, NB, coupled with his years living in big city Toronto has given him a observational comedic style which is a favourite among audiences and fellow comics alike.  Matt has been privileged to have performed at many extraordinary venues over the years like the HubCap Comedy Festival, The Second City Theatre and has been a featured performer on CBC Radio's LOL program.   View Full Bio
With (MC) Kyle Carpenter
8:00 PM Fri Aug 13
8:00 PM Sat Aug 14
Fri - Sat
20 - 21
Fri Aug 20 - Sat Aug 21

Carey Lee

Carey Lee is NOT an Asian woman. Carey Lee is a gifted and talented impressionist and guitar playing comedian who has been delighting audiences across the Maritimes for years.    View Full Bio
With (MC) Ian Black
8:00 PM Fri Aug 20
8:00 PM Sat Aug 21
Fri - Sat
27 - 28
Fri Aug 27 - Sat Aug 28

Nick Beaton

From a blue-collar background, Nick Beaton cuts through the bullshit of an overly bureaucratic society that takes itself way too seriously. Whether it’s done through his opinionated rants, hard-hitting jokes, or his disarming "every man" personality Nick Beaton is a favourite wherever he performs.   View Full Bio
With (MC) Shane Ogden & (Middle) Albert Coombes
8:00 PM Fri Aug 27
8:00 PM Sat Aug 28