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Wed Feb 26

Kenny Vs. Spenny

Special Show
The NEW Kenny Vs Spenny Live 2.0 Tour gets personal. The boys go after each other’s characters 
with the viscousness audiences have come to expect. 
Real life friends since childhood, Kenny pulls out all the stops, 
outing Spenny’s many mistakes throughout his life, in an attempt 
to further humiliate his pal, and prove to the crowd that he really 
isn’t that bad. With Kenny on the offense, Spenny is forced to 
uncomfortably defend himself, while trying, usually in vein, to get in 
a few shots on Kenny.  Kenny Vs Spenny Live 2.0 will show just how deep and cut-throat a 
friendship can get. As hilarious, as it is cringe-worthy, the guys 
continue their endless rivalry in a live show that goes beyond the 
television series, and gives the fans a glimpse into the abyss of 
friendship in distress. View Full Bio
7:00 PM Wed Feb 26
$30.00 13% tax Buy Now
9:30 PM Wed Feb 26
$30.00 13% tax Buy Now