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John Cullen

John Cullen Comedy Shows at Yuk Yuk's

John Cullen is the rare comedian that you watch and he's having so much fun on stage that you can't decide whether he's having more fun or you are. A charismatic performer and a modern-day renaissance man, John brings his vast life experiences to the stage in an attempt to make sure that everybody has the best time. Because really, that's what comedy is all about. If you're still somehow concerned you won't have the best time, just know that John has accomplished a great many things in a very short period. In just eight years, the Canadian Comedy Award nominee has performed at the Just for Laughs festival multiple times, the Halifax Comedy Festival, JFL Northwest, is a regular on CBC’s The Debaters, and his podcast, Blocked Party, is among the most listened-to podcasts in Canada, regularly appearing on the iTunes charts. His 2017 album, Most Likely to be a Comedian, is often featured on Sirius XM and reached #1 on the iTunes charts. So there. Now come out to a show and let's all be friends.

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