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Ahren Belisle

Ahren Belisle Comedy Shows at Yuk Yuk's

Ahren Belisle has catapulted to some of the biggest stages in comedy in the short two years he’s been doing stand-up. Television audiences fell in love with him on AMERICA’S GOT TALENT as he became a Top 10 Finalist in the most recent season. And he made an unforgettable debut on one of the world’s biggest podcasts, Kill Tony with Tony Hinchcliffe, which he has returned to multiple times to roast celebrities such as Post Malone, Shane Gillis, and the roast master himself Jeff Ross.  Belisle is a software engineer and mental health advocate turned comedian. Born in Northern Ontario with cerebral palsy, Ahren is a mute comedian who uses his phone to deliver jokes. With his affable charm and razor sharp wit, this comedian who can’t speak has been given a license by audiences to get away with saying whatever he wants.  Ahren has over a million followers and uses his platform to spread positive messages and comedy.