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David Kilimnick

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David Kilimnick: The Honest Rabbi Israel's 'Father of Anglo Comedy' (JPost) and the first Israeli to represent Israel in the finals of the ‘Funniest Person in the World’ competition, brings you back to the foundations of Israeli Anglo humor. David has been featured on Canada's Yes TV, in Holy Art, along with Israel's Bip Comedy House, Tzchok MeAvoda and other Hebrew shows you don't understand.  Known for many one-man shows from Israel, including The Aliyah Monologues, Find Me A Wife and The Honest Rabbi Preaches Jewish, Rabbi David now brings his new stand-up show The Israel Monologues to Canada. 
David has also starred in many films, including Make Me a Match and Jewish Single Males, as he has been typecast. In his hilarious show of love for the Jewish people and all religion, Rabbi David also deals with the real issues of how rabbis and clergy have to use easier words to understand than 'firmament,' so we can understand their sermons. Rabbi David will also approach kosher life,  the world's favorite country of Israel, and even the building fund that is still going on at your chapel. Discussing violent candy throwing at Bar Mitzvahs and weddings, and the religious requirement to be heavy, unapologetic for truth, Rabbi David expresses his irreverence for what is wrong.

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